Providing decision–makers with the reports they need,
not the colourful ones that leave them perplexed...

Our tailor-made reports stimulate business response to data. The design communicates easy-to-understand content and calls for action by turning datasets into auto-generated narratives in plain English.

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Custom Reports from Various Data Sources

Relational Databases

Cloud Solutions

Tabular Models

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When it comes to reports,
we do magic...

Business Intelligence Reporting

Transform difficult sales conversations into obvious value for customers

Differentiate products and services

Enable internal stakeholders to focus more efficiently on their unique area of expertise

Reduce the workload on BAU

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Automatic Data Storytelling

Inspiring action through narratives and recommendation

Convert datasets into narratives to drive better and more informed decision-making

Use human expertise to call for action and generate recommendations

Make every report a communicator of insight

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IT & program managers engage us for hassle–free and end–to–end delivery of custom reports so that they enable business users to remain focused on their unique area of expertise.

Avoid Frustrations

Although the line of business solutions are usually good at collecting data, the reports they generate are not efficient, which leave the audience more perplexed rather than informed.

Slow Performance

For most organisations, it's not acceptable that reports take ages to run and require significant resource in people's time each month to re-format data into a usable and polished report.

Blind Reporting

A study published by Nature shows that people interpret the same data differently. In the absence of a consistent narrative, how can a business avoid arbitrary decisions?

Heavy Workload

Tailor-made reports that are combined with recommendations reduce BAU workload and make customers more receptive to sales conversations.

Reporting as a Service (RaaS)

The use of report libraries is a great way to equip stakeholders with professionally designed and high-performance reports while managing the cost by minimising the need for custom reports.

Work Health & Safety Management

Access a library of innovative WHS reports that are designed to take the hassle out of the regular WHS outcome reporting. It combines simplicity and clarity with auto-generated narratives in plain English. The outcome is high-impact reports which streamline decision-making for managers and executives.

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Hotel Revenue Management

Procure your revenue management team with advanced and easy-to-understand revenue and performance reports with invaluable insight to adjusting profit-maximising prices and the optimal allocation of inventory-constrained products to different customer segments.

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